Phil Robertson Ted Cruz

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty Endorses Ted Cruz; Wants to Stop ‘Evil’ Gay Marriage

Phil Robertson Ted Cruz
Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Phil Robertson terms gay marriage as “evil” and “wicked” at the Ted Cruz rally in Iowa

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame was the latest celebrity to support Ted Cruz, the Republican presidential nominee. In the Iowa rally, the Sunday show man termed the notion of marriage equality “evil.” Robertson also called for equality marriage supporters to be wiped off the face of the earth.

Phil Robertson terms gay marriage as “evil” and “wicked” at the Ted Cruz rally in Iowa[/tweetthis]

Robertson railed at marriage equality supporters throughout the time he spent there. He asked the audience to empathize with him and see the supposed perversion and depravity associated with the concept. According to him, it redefines the concept of marriage which was once strictly limited to between a woman and man. He termed such a concept as evil and wicked and said to his audience that it is sinful and the equality supporters all want to force such an abomination down to the American population.

If one goes by Robertson's solution to such depravity existing between same sex couples who want equal rights as enjoyed by a heterosexual marriage, he urges that the public should elect Ted Cruz and who will supposedly obliterate supporters of marriage equality from the earth. Robinson did not mince words when he told the crowd that the existing administration should be hounded out from the seat of power.

Cruz, after he went on stage, praised Robertson in return. The presidential nominee candidate termed him as an extraordinary human being, before further adding that although God makes every human being unique, some people are more unique compared to others. Cruz also said that it is clear that Robertson loves Jesus and speaks the voice of truth. The former, however, did not particularly echo the obliteration of all the marriage equality proponents.

Such comments led to protests against A&E for their continuity to offer platform to Robertson family via Duck Dynasty. Cruz came to the defense of Robertson, and accused mainstream media of deviant behavior. He compared the media to thought police censoring disagreeing views. The politician believes it as an exercise of free speech.

Robertson is known to make such inflammatory comments before. In an earlier interview, he claimed that sexual diseases are another way of God punishing the sufferers for sexual immorality. He asked the then interviewer, and through him, the audience, whether they thought horrible diseases come after immoral conduct. 


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