Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple’s Master Accused of Embezzlement and Fathering Children Outside of Marriage

Shaolin Temple
By Don-kunOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
The Denfeng city government to look into the allegations of corruption pressed against Master Shi Yongxin of Shaolin Temple.

The Shaolin Temple is under heavy accusations against the abbot, a controversial man who has been accused of commercializing the temple’s kung fu monks. Among the accusations,according to media news reporters, he has been accused of embezzling funds from the temple and fathering children with at least two, if not more, women. Though the temple has refused to offer any comments or responses, there has been action taken to dig deeper into these accusations to find the truth. The religious affairs bureau of the Denfeng city government was asked to look into these allegations pressed against Master Shi Yongxin.

Statements from the Bureau

The bureau released a short notice that relayed the importance of this matter to them, adding that they will “swiftly clarify… and ensure a correct understanding of the matter.” The notices released by the bureau and others refrain from releasing more information on the claims made against Shi, leaving us with little to go on aside from media reports. While Shi has made himself unreachable, the temple did release a statement on their website. The statement referred to these claims as “untrue rumors” that were made up to bring down Zen Buddhism.

The Shaolin Temple was constructed in the 5th century, and has always aggressively defended against commercialization. The aim is to defend Buddhist heritage, spread the message and prevent the commercialization of the religion. However, Shi released plans in February outlining a complex that he intends to have built in Australia. It will cost $297 million and consist of a kung fu academy, temple, golf course and hotel. This and other announcements have caused many to believe that Shi is money-hungry and seeking out additional forms of income to supplement what he has allegedly stolen from the temple.


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