Why Does Facebook Not Want Catholic Content?

Why Did Facebook Block Catholic Content?

Zuckerberg Grilled About Facebook’s Official Policies Members of Congress questioned Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg about the social media giant's censorship of content

Sadiq Khan at SXSW

London Mayor Addresses Hate Speech during SXSW Talk

Sadiq Khan shows the need for curbing hate speech SXSW or South by Southwest Festival is mostly regarded by the general public as a

Hijab protest

Iranian Women Protest Against Mandatory Wearing of the Hijab

There have been 29 arrests and 25 killed in Iranian protests. Tehran police confirmed that 29 activists, mostly women were arrested for protesting the

Dallas Cowboys baptism

Dallas Cowboys Profess Faith in God

Team Chaplin Jonathan Evans baptized three players The Dallas Cowboys NFL team is worshipped in Texas. When it comes to real baptism, Jonathan Evans,

Ganesha Ad

Hindus Are Outraged by An Australian Ad

Conservative Hindus take umbrage at the depiction of Lord Ganesh ostensibly partaking meat A Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) ad promoting lamb as acceptable

Clergy march in Charlottesville, Virginia

Clergy march in protest through Charlottesville and confront white supremacists

Resources Sojourners Follow the Conversation on Twitter

Prayer App Raises $2 million in Funding

Users can participate in community prayers with the app. The interfaith mobile app Pray.com assists religious leaders to be in contact with congregants.[/tweetit] It

Hawaii and Twitter are Protesting the New Travel Ban

The two entities were among the first to openly protest the travel ban, but many more are also against it. The travel ban put

Scientology Social Media Celebrates L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics on its 67th Birthday

67 years after L. Ron Hubbard published the secular 'Dianetics,' the 1950 self-help best seller and precursor to the Scientology religion, the Church of

Most shared religion stories

Today’s Top 5 Most Shared Religion News Stories 05/01/17

Today's Top 5 Most Shared Religion News Stories 05/01/17 #1, 13,500 shares: "UP CM Yogi Adityanath warned Hindu Yuva Vahini in closed dore meeting