Dallas Cowboys baptism

Dallas Cowboys Profess Faith in God

Dallas Cowboys baptism
By Mahanga (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
Team Chaplin Jonathan Evans baptized three players

The Dallas Cowboys NFL team is worshipped in Texas. When it comes to real baptism, Jonathan Evans, the Cowboys’ team chaplain shows the way[/tweetit]. The former NFL fullback and Dr. Tony Evans' son has done excellent religious work at the Dallas Cowboys headquarters in Frisco. The Star building, which functions as a base, witnesses regular Bible studies on Fridays. Such religiosity has paid off. Linebackers Justin March-Lillard and Anthony Hitchens, and safety Kavon Frazier were baptized in the facility itself. The event was observed by their teammates. All the three baptized were below 25 years of age.

Dallas Cowboys Profess Faith in God[/tweetthis]

Evans allowed everyone to know about the event when he posted about it on social media. He wrote that he feels honored to baptize three Dallas Cowboys. He continued on to say these players now identify themselves as followers of Christ first. The chaplain also posted a video of the event, complete with hashtags he thought to be appropriate for the occasion, like #CowboyNation and #IdentityInChrist.

The team minister, after he waded into the pool, quoted text from 2 Corinthians 5:17. The content said that those who accept Christ are new creation with the old gone and the new coming in. Evans explained this content to the team as they avidly watched the baptismal service. Elaborating on the explanation, he said that baptism is simply an external expression of the internal reality. Submerging oneself underwater means dying with Christ. Coming back to the surface means resurrection to a brand new life.

Evans asked all the three players who elected to be baptized whether they would make a public declaration in front of their teammates on the subject of them accepting Christ and the pledge to live majorly for him. Each player said either “Amen” or plain “yes,” and then baptized in name of “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Frazier, one of the baptized players, said although he underwent baptism when he was an infant, the player wanted to take the decision when he became an adult. He said that even though he always believed in a God, it is only now that he took the Almighty seriously. He mentioned he was glad to see his teammates cheering them on when getting baptized. Cheering is common on the field, but this is a different aspect of life.


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