Maya Haddad - Devotion

Devotion, Video Series Celebrates Doubt in Faithful People

Interfaith interview series Devotion  examines doubts of the faithful. As a sophomore English major at Loyola Marymount University, I enrolled in World Religions. Our

Harvard has a New Free Online Course About Buddhism

Harvard University's new "Buddhism Through its Scriptures" free online course. The rise in demand to learn about Buddhism has resulted in a number of

Islam Song Video

Parents Angry About Song Taught in School That Endorsed Islam

Huntington Beach school district apologizes for use of song about Islam. A high school teacher in Orange County, California has landed herself in the

Marine Islam Homework

Marine Dad Upset over World History Lesson Concerning Islam

La Plata High School, where John Wood's daughter is a student, finds itself under pressure as Wood fights against world history homework about Islam.

World Religion News App iOS 8

World Religion News App Updated for iOS 8.1

The World Religion News App has been updated for Apple's new iOS 8.1 operating system. With the World Religion News app, you will receive

Faith Ed Classroom

Modesto’s World Religions Class Teaches Students Respect and Awareness

The Modesto City School District is earning high praise for its World Religions Class and its ability to teach students respect for a wide range