Marine Islam Homework

Marine Dad Upset over World History Lesson Concerning Islam

Marine Islam Homework

La Plata High School, where John Wood’s daughter is a student, finds itself under pressure as Wood fights against world history homework about Islam.

After confronting the administration at the school over a three-page essay his daughter was assigned concerning the tenets of Islam and its impact on the development of the Middle East, the Iraq veteran has had a no-trespass order issued against him by the school.  School officials maintain that the no-trespass order is not taken lightly and that it was only issued to Mr. Wood following threats against the school, and was not issued because of his arguments against the assignment, which included that it was “Islamic indoctrination.” 

Mr. Wood has retained counsel and plans to file suit against the school for violating his daughter’s constitutional rights by forcing her to learn about the tenets of Islam and that the god worshipped in Islam is the same one worshipped in Christianity and Judaism.  All three beliefs do actually center on the same god, who is believed to have revealed himself to Abraham.  The three holy texts, the Torah, the Bible and the Qur’an share many places, important figures and histories, although they are often presented from different viewpoints, in other roles or with various meanings.

During an interview with local station WTSP-TV, John Wood and his wife Melissa iterated that their main concern was that the school was not including instruction regarding radical Islam, ISIS and “what is really going on right now in the world.”  The Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm Marine says he witnessed the kind of destruction caused by adherents of Islam, saying that the school is teaching that Islam is peaceful but that the religion is anything but a peaceful one.


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