Are the Gates of Hell in the UK? Anti-Witch Markings Found in Creswell Crags Cave

The markings were previously dismissed as vandalism. A limestone gorge cave at the Derbyshire-Nottinghamshire border, East Midlands, UK was found containing apotropaic marks -

Witches Outnumbers Presbyterians Among U.S. Millennials

Witches Outnumbers Presbyterians Among U.S. Millennials

Wicca, Paganism on the rise A survey by Trinity College discovered proponents of Paganism, witchcraft, and Wiccahave risen by significant numbers, noticeably among millennials.[/tweetit]

Witch Hunts in China Used to Attack Women

Witch Hunts in China Used to Attack Women

New Study Sheds Light on Social Implications of Being Labelled a Witch The concept of witchcraft has existed in divergent cultures for thousands of

AI Experiment Creates New Religion Based on Sacred Texts

The result was incomprehensible The number of religions on planet earth stacks up to a mind-boggling 10,000 distinct varieties.[/tweetit] Modern philosophers have long wondered


Modern Witchcraft in a Wicked World

Wicca should be taken seriously because it increases spiritual development and instills great appreciation and concern for the planet and its resources. "Witchcraft is

Is Harry Potter A Religion? This Podcast Says Yes

The Harry Potter faithful are heeding the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast. The fact that Harry Potter fans have been religiously faithful

Psychology Or Religion

Which one Helps to Improve Your Life More? Psychology or Religion?

David Langness, writer for Baha'i Teachings, examines the history of psychology, how it relates to religion, and how they can improve your life. There

Gerald Gardner

Gerald Gardner Defends Wicca Against False Opinions in Interview

Gerald Gardner, the founder of modern Gardnerian Wicca, defends his faith in witchcraft against centuries of bad light in this Montreal Gazette Interview. Gerald