Orthodox Church in Ukraine

Ukrainian Churches, Asserting Freedom From Russian Influence Switch Calendars

The Russian Orthodox Church began centuries ago in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine; but now, with that capital, as well as Ukraine itself, under

Cathedral in Ukraine

U.S. Federal Watchdog Decries Violations of Religious Liberty in Russia and Russian-Occupied Ukraine

Religious liberty in Russia and in the occupied regions of Ukraine have been steadily and systematically eroded since the Kremlin’s invasion in 2022, reaching

Protest action near the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kiev. (Donbas Stock Photos)

U.S. State Department Accuses Russia of Antisemitism and Exploiting the Suffering of Jews for its Own Agenda in Ukraine

In the space of a lifetime, the people of Ukraine have endured war (5-7 million lost in WWII), nuclear disaster (Chernobyl 1986), and civil

Patriarch Bartholomew signing the tomos of autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Eastern Orthodox Theologian Warns of Troubling Times

The war in Ukraine has enormous religious implications and is deeply troubling to Eastern Orthodox Catholics in the United States, according to a leading

Religious News From Around The Web March 8, 2022

Dutch Football Superstar Embraces Islam; Jewish Telegraph Shares a Tale of Pride of a Ukrainian Jew Living in New York; New Denomination of United

Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible Exhibitions in the Ukraine

Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible Exhibitions in the Ukraine

The exhibition showcased Christian Greek Scriptures in Russian Sign Language Jehovah' Witnesses in Ukraine hosted a series of Bible exhibitions[/tweetit] from October 7, 2018,

Amy Schumer on Finding Roots

Amy Schumer Learns About Her Jewish Relatives

Schumer's family is originally from Ukraine. Amy Schumer, broke into tears while learning the details of how her relatives made the journey from Eastern

For What Reason Was Another Ukrainian Inter-Religious Council Established And What Did It Achieve?

Unresolved Questions Remain In 1996, the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious organizations (AUCCRO) was created in order to "unite the efforts of the

Will Jewish Pilgrims Overcome Anti-Semitism in Ukraine?

Will Jewish Pilgrims Overcome Anti-Semitism in Ukraine?

Historic Numbers Visit Holy Site. The local Ukrainian Government in Uman is bracing to manage the well frequented pilgrimage by thousands of Jews[/tweetit]. They

Putin Supports Vatican-Russian Orthodox meeting

Putin Supports Recent Dialogue Between Vatican and Russian Orthodox Church

Both churches agreed on playing humanitarian roles Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the meeting between Russian Orthodox Church and the Vatican[/tweetit]. The Russian President