New Hagia Sophia Secrets Come to Light

New Hagia Sophia Secrets Come to Light

Archaeologists believe they have discovered a library in the ancient world's largest Christian cathedral The largest cathedral in the world still amazes the world

Bali Crackdown on Disrespectful Tourist

Bali Cracks Down on Disrespectful Tourists

New rules for visiting temples have been put into place. The Deputy Governor of Bali, Oka Artha Sukawati, popularly known by the short name

Thousands Celebrate Easter Sunday with Pope Francis

Thousands filled St. Peter's Square for the pope's Easter Sunday Mass. Thousands of the faithful braved intense security checks to celebrate Easter Mass with

Giant Church Shaped Like Glass Slipper Hopes to Attract Women

A giant glass slipper tourist attraction church has made its mark in Taiwan Taiwan has a new attraction: a church made entirely of glass.