Thousands Celebrate Easter Sunday with Pope Francis

Thousands filled St. Peter’s Square for the pope’s Easter Sunday Mass.

Thousands of the faithful braved intense security checks to celebrate Easter Mass with the pope[/tweetit] in the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square Sunday morning. The list of visitors included Romans, pilgrims and tourists. All have flocked to the spring flowers decorated cobblestone square to listen to the pontiff delivering his “Urbi et Orbi.” This is the Pope’s Easter message not only to the Vatican but also to the world.

Thousands Celebrate Easter Sunday with Pope Francis[/tweetthis]

When it came to speeches, Pope Francis kept true to his character; he broke tradition and delivered a natural homily meant for Easter Sunday. This is in line with a pontiff who is known to keep prepared speeches to the side and speak from his heart on more than one occasion.

The pope said that it is not a fantasy that Jesus rose from the dead. Thousands Celebrate Easter Sunday with Pope Francis He pointed to the many flowers and said this is not a celebration. The resurrection is more than just beautiful. He said the resurrection gains more significance in today's throw away culture. The discarded stone can be regarded as “fountain of life.” He explained that humans are like “little pebbles” who have been dumped on earth saturated with tragedy and suffering. “A sense to look beyond: There is not a wall, but a horizon. “There’s life, joy, in there is the cross with this ambivalence.”

Pope Francis is known for his opposition against modern economic systems. He has repeatedly said the modern “economy kills,” since “god money” is given prime importance rather than a human person. He went after two illegal industries which generate maximum profit: trafficking in drugs and human slavery. The pontiff also mentioned the plight of refugees, saying Jesus is with those who are forced to flee from their homelands due to oppressive regimes, armed conflicts, famine and terrorist attacks. He mentioned a number of conflict zones, mentioning Syria in particular.

There was high security, including metal detectors and armed police strategically positioned on the rooftops. Snipers perched on roofs kept an eagle eye on all visitors thronging the square.

The pope gave his speech from St. Peter's Basilica's central balcony. The church was decorated with potted hyacinths, daffodils and tulips. There were also pink roses arranged in bouquets. The flowers were arranged in a number of neat rows on steps leading to stately church.


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