The First Female Voiced Audio Bible

The First Female Voiced Audio Bible

Courage For Life has partnered with Grammy-nominated artist Amik Byram Courage for Life has inked a partnership with Amik Byram, the Grammy-nominated artist to

Faith in Recovery Pt 12

Faith in Recovery Pt. 12: Faith-Based Addiction Recovery Quick Facts [Infographic]

Faith-Based addiction recovery statistics and information. In our series, Faith in Recovery, World Religion News has investigated the dangers of substance addiction and the

Faith in Recovery Pt. 5

Faith in Recovery Pt. 5: Are There Dangers In Faith-Based Drug Treatment?

Should faith overrule reason in matters of addiction treatment? “As time passes our book literature has a tendency to get more and more frozen

Faith in Recovery

Faith in Recovery Pt. 1: Can Faith Help Battle Addiction?

WRN's twelve-part series will explore the relationship between faith and addiction and how various religious organizations & beliefs battle drug and alcohol abuse. “Most

Alice Cooper Says Religion Saved Him

Religion of Alice Cooper: “Every Word of the Bible is True”

School's out for summer! Alice Cooper wants you at Gather in June 2016. With his ubiquitous rock anthem, School’s Out, playing in the background,

Keith Wommack Mental Pressure

Can Spirituality Help Teens Get Through Their Difficult and Awkward Years?

Neutralizing the mental pressure to cause harm by harnessing spiritual development in teens. “I just felt like something was pressuring me to do it,”