The First Female Voiced Audio Bible

The First Female Voiced Audio Bible

The First Female Voiced Audio Bible
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Courage For Life has partnered with Grammy-nominated artist Amik Byram

Courage for Life has inked a partnership with Amik Byram, the Grammy-nominated artist to pioneer a New Living Translation (NLT) audio Bible narrated exclusively by female voices[/tweetit]. This conscious outcome was the result of extensive clinical experience and research which showed that gender-specific programs are the best solution to assist girls and women who are at risk and those who are currently healing from mental health, substance abuse, and trauma issues. Since females naturally have a more nurturing nature, their voices are frequently perceived to be much more compassionate, non-threatening, and more understanding. The NLT Bible is available via a free app.

The First Female Voiced Audio Bible[/tweetthis]

Ann White, who founded Courage for Life, said that there is an unmatched comfort when some female, like a grandmother, a mother, or a best friend, narrate a story, and the result shows it. The listening experience is a soothing one and does not contain any dramatic sound flourishes and loud background music.

This NLT audio Bible is a vision seen by Ann White, the Courage for Life’s founder, speaker, and author. The organization has dedicated itself to provide resources which help individuals move from a fear centric life to a faith-centric one. Other than Bible studies, books, and devotions, a substantial portion of the work done by the Courage of Life ministry includes the training of leaders to help women who were incarcerated, abused, and neglected.

According to White, her vision for the only female audio version of the Christian Bible is to assist in making the scriptures more accessible and much more welcoming to women from all walks of life-especially those who have already suffered from abuse or at risk from it. Courage for Life has previously partnered with two state prisons so that the women’s audio Bible is available on prison-provided tablets. She also pointed out that domestic violence is a cause of homelessness among women and children. “We want to fill a void in the women’s recovery space and reach as many women in crisis as possible with the encouragement, inspiration and hope that they can find in God’s Word—without ever turning a page.”


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