Franklin Graham Cut Ties with Relevant Magazine

Franklin Graham Has Cut Ties With Relevant Magazine

Samaritan's Purse pulls the plug on ad account with Relevant magazine. Christian publication, Relevant magazine, is not popular for its liberal views. However, the

Franklin Graham: The Affair is Not Your Business God Chose Trump

Franklin Graham: Stormy Daniels is Not Your Business, God Chose Trump

Franklin Graham shows his hypocrisy In a recent interview with the Associated Press evangelist Franklin Graham said the scandal involving Stormy Daniels and President

Will Evangelicals Try To Get Trump To Change?

Will Evangelicals Try to Get Trump to Change?

A June Meeting Between Evangelical Leaders and the President Has Been Scheduled President Trump has a strange relationship with white, evangelical Americans. While evangelicals

No Way! Go To This Church? This Is "The Most Offensive Lie" About A Porn Star

No Way! Go to This Church? This is “The Most Offensive Lie” About A Porn Star

Jeffress and other evangelicals have continued to support Trump Stormy Daniels, the porn star who shot into notoriety after her alleged affair with Donald

Pastor Robert Jeffress Says Pornstar Stormy Daniels Scandal with Trump is OK

Evangelicals will continue to support President Donald Trump despite pornstar scandal Pastor Robert Jeffress, a member of the evangelical advisory board of President Trump,

Why Christians Should Love Porn Stars

Why Christians Should Love Porn Stars

Christians have made too many contradictions on the porn industry and sex Watching the pornstar Stormy Daniels talk about her alleged affair with President

not even President Remotely Adequate

“He’s Not President Perfect” says Franklin Graham on Porn Star Affair

The evangelical loves his access to power at whatever personal cost Christian evangelist Franklin Graham has come under severe criticism for his defense of