'Star Trek': 50 Years of Humanist Values

‘Star Trek’: 50 Years of Humanist Values

This article was original published in 2016. Celebrating 50 Years of Star Trek and the humanist themes within the series. Media today is full

Stephen Colbert on Returning to Catholicism; Explaining God with Broccoli

Host of The Late Show goes into great detail regarding his decision to embrace religion once again. Stephen Colbert, the host of The Late

God is Banned in New ‘Star Trek’

The series timeline is set in the 23rd century when "God has no role to play." Cast members of the new series 'Star Trek:

Katy Perry and George Takei Standing Up for American Muslims

Katy Perry and George Takei are both using their platforms to counter Islamophobia before Trump's inauguration. Following the rise of Islamophobic rhetoric and hate

Leonard Nimoy and the Impact of His Jewish Faith

With the passing of Star Trek actor, Leonard Nimoy, we analyze his Jewish faith and upbringing which influenced his long and prosperous life. Leonard

Leonard Nimoy Vulcan Salute

Leonard Nimoy, “Spock,” has died, but his Vulcan Salute, based on his Jewish faith, will “prosper”

Leonard Nimoy has died at his Bel Air home in Los Angeles this morning. He was 83. Leonard Nimoy has passed away from end-stage