Leonard Nimoy Vulcan Salute

Leonard Nimoy, “Spock,” has died, but his Vulcan Salute, based on his Jewish faith, will “prosper”

Leonard Nimoy Vulcan Salute

Leonard Nimoy has died at his Bel Air home in Los Angeles this morning. He was 83.

Leonard Nimoy has passed away from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Nimoy is best known for his role on Star Trek as Mr. Spock.

Priestly Blessing

Birkat Kohanim on a tombstone.

Spock’s character on Star Trek was influenced by his Jewish childhood. The Vulcanic salute, the split-fingered hand gesture kids mimicked on the playground, was influenced by the Hebrew Priestly Blessing, Birkat Kohanim. The blessing is like sign language for the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet that spells God.

Stay tuned as we work to bring you more information on Leonard Nimoy’s Jewish beliefs.


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