We Found Santa Claus and He is Dead

We Finally Found Santa Claus And He Is Dead

St. Nicholas' body may have been finally found in Demre, Turkey. Warning: You may not want children to know about this. Santa Claus may

Putin Supports Vatican-Russian Orthodox meeting

Putin Supports Recent Dialogue Between Vatican and Russian Orthodox Church

Both churches agreed on playing humanitarian roles Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the meeting between Russian Orthodox Church and the Vatican[/tweetit]. The Russian President

How Christmas and Chinese New Year Are Similar

Christmas and Chinese New Year have their differences, but they're also quite similar. You might believe that Chinese New Year is just a special

The Story of St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Day: Remembering the real St. Nicholas. The feast of Saint Nicholas is celebrated on December 6 for western Christian countries while in

The Most Haunting Images of Churches in the World Drowned in Manmade Lakes

The remains of decaying churches and temples were captured in these haunting photographs. Church of Lake Reschen, Italy The 14th Century bell tower is