Houses of Worship: Qatar State Grand Mosque

Qatar sits on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf with Saudi Arabia to the west as their only neighboring country. Over the past 30

Religious News From Around The Web March 8, 2022

Dutch Football Superstar Embraces Islam; Jewish Telegraph Shares a Tale of Pride of a Ukrainian Jew Living in New York; New Denomination of United

Interesting Jewish Facts About The 2019 Women’s World Cup

Interesting Jewish Facts About The 2019 Women’s World Cup

There may not be any Jewish players in the World Cup, but there is still a presence At the FIFA Women's World Cup which

Ramadan Makes Training Difficult for Muslim World Cup Players

Fasting from sunrise to sunset makes training tougher for Muslim footballers Ramadan is one of the most important months in the Islamic calendar, and

Praying to Shinto “Sports Gods” For Success

Praying to Shinto “Sports Gods” For Success

How Shinto Shrines Are a Normal Part of Preparation for the Big Game People have all sort of rituals for preparing for important sporting

How Did the Star of David Come to Be?

History of the six-pointed star and it's connection to Judaism. From synagogues, clothes, temples, buildings and even flags like the flag of Israel, the

Majority of Cameroonian Soccer Team Converts to Islam Following Dubai Visit

photo: The National 23 Soccer players decide to convert to Islam after visiting Dubai for a soccer training camp. There have been numerous stories

Brasil World Cup 2014

Religions Offer Divine Assistance for World Cup

World Cup fever has once again seized the globe with a religious fervor extending from the humblest worshiper to the highest religious office in the