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Lawsuit Over Revival Assembly Prompts West Virginia School District to Require Religious Freedom Training

A West Virginia school district has implemented a policy requiring annual training on religious freedom as a stipulation in a lawsuit settlement following a

First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia

Separation of Church and State In America? No Problem!—Unless…

At the Bangor Christian School in Maine ninth-graders are taught to “refute the teachings of the Islamic religion with the truth of God’s Word.”

Religious Arbitration: How America’s Courts Safeguard the First Amendment by Defending It

Religious arbitration has been in the news recently and I would like to offer my perspective as a Jew, a rabbi and inter-religious leader

New Jersey Supreme Court Says No To Cash For Churches

New Jersey Supreme Court Says No to Cash for Churches

Supreme Court of New Jersey's decision was a victorious ruling For ACLU. The Supreme Court of New Jersey ruled taxpayer money could not be

Is the trump administration censoring negative comments about their support for religious groups?

Is The Trump Administration Censoring Criticism of Their Support For Religious Groups?

The Health and Human Services Department has been Accused of Banning Negative Comments on Policy Supporting Religious Groups Donna Karan is quoted as saying

Has Separation of Church and State Gone Too Far?

Has the Separation of Church and State Gone Too Far?

All The Attacks On Every Instance of Religious Belief May Actually Be Counterproductive Separation of church and state. You hear this said by groups

Pure Flix Donates $25,000 to Rebuild Ten Commandments Monument That Was Run Over by a Car

Continued conflict over Ten Commandments monument on public land. Arizona based independent film studio, Pure Flix, has donated 25,000 dollars to a fund in

Conservative Neil Gorsuch Officially Added to Supreme Court

Trump-backed Neil Gorsuch undergoes swearing-in ceremony After a long battle, Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch has finally been sworn in as

Teacher Files Lawsuit Over Threats to Fire Her for Saying “I’ll Pray for You”

Maine school threatens a teacher with termination for trying to “integrate private and public belief systems” at a public school. In Augusta, Maine a

Australian Senator Pushing Greater Church/State Separation to Obtain Marriage Equality

Australian Senator Penny Wong blamed religious organizations as the reason why Australia is still not very receptive to gay rights. Penny Wong, an Australian