FFRF Convinces Virginia City to Cancel ‘Ark Park’ & Creationist Museum Visit

Christiansburg, VA cancels trip to Ark Encounter after contact from FFRF. Christiansburg, VA Parks and Recreation Department has canceled its visit to the Ark

Religious Freedom May Be a Priority for Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to focus on religious freedom during his term. It is a fact that conservative Christians propelled Donald Trump

Churches Drop Anti-LGBT Lawsuit Against Massachusetts Transgender Law

Churches withdraw lawsuit after clarification that transgender protection law does not violate their rights or religious freedom. In October 2016, four Massachusetts churches represented

Atheist Prayers City Council Meetings

Should Atheist Prayers Lead City Council Meetings?

In light of a recent Supreme Court decision, some are leading campaigns to hold Atheist prayers at the start of city council meetings. In

Wiccan Prayer Meetings

Wiccan Prayers Before Government Meetings a Possible Result of Recent SCOTUS Ruling?

Cynthia Simpson will use the recent Supreme Court ruling in Greece v Galloway to re-ignite her case to allow her Wiccan prayers before local

Justice Clarence Thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas Believes First Amendment Does Not Apply to State Governments

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Supports State Right to Recognize Religion Justice Clarence Thomas has rocked a few boats in the wake of the

Prayer Ruled Constitutional

Government Prayers Ruled Constitutional by US Supreme Court

This Monday the Supreme Court ruled that opening a city council or other public board meeting with a prayer is Constitutional. They ruled that