LDS President Pleads for All to Know the Savior's Church

LDS President Pleads for All to Know God Because “Time is Running Out”

Eight New Temples were announced at the 189th Annual General Conference. Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints changed gears after

DC Comics New Superhero: Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is DC Comics’ New Superhero in ‘Second Coming’

Second Coming is written by God is Disappointed in You author Mark Russell. Jesus Christ is the new superhero in the DC Comics canon.[/tweetit]

Advent 2015

Advent has Begun – Traditions of the Christian Celebration

The traditions and celebrations of Christian Advent. The word advent comes from the Latin, Adventus which means "to come to." This is a term

Homeschooling Parents Stop Teaching Because the Rapture Is Coming

Texas Court: Is The Rapture a Reason For Homeschooling Parents to Stop Educating Their Kids? The case revolves around the family of Laura and

Benjamin Creme

Maitreya the World Teacher, the “Second Coming,” is on His Way, Evangelist Benjamin Creme Claims

Benjamin creme claims  "second coming" will be Maitreya and is to be as same as Christ, the Imam Mahdi, Krishna and the Messiah. Maitreya