LDS President Pleads for All to Know the Savior's Church

LDS President Pleads for All to Know God Because “Time is Running Out”

LDS President Pleads for All to Know the Savior's Church

Eight New Temples were announced at the 189th Annual General Conference.

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints changed gears after a year of revisions, reforms, and reversals. The international general conference held during the first weekend of April witnessed President Russell M. Nelson, the “prophet, seer, and revelator” along with other leaders reference the Second Coming and preparing the world for the same. President Nelson warned that those who have exited or have not joined the Church are running out of time.[/tweetit]

LDS President Pleads for All to Know God Because “Time is Running Out”[/tweetthis]

The pulpit witnessed no significant announcements, other than President Nelson’s announcement of eight brand new temples. He also informed the audience of sweeping renovations planned for Utah temples dating back to the pioneer era. These temples are in Salt Lake City, Manti, and Logan. He and other leaders urged the faithful to love more and make their homes complete sanctuaries of faith. He also asked followers to renovate their lives via repentance.

Other sermons concentrated on mercy’s redemptive powers and how love is an essential component of missionary work. The speeches also touched on vicarious temple rites and the ability of those who have faith to activate heavenly blessings via good works, repentance, and faith. Sharon Eubank, the first counselor in women's Relief Society, discussed the number of ways as to how Christ lights up the world. She is the director of the LDS global humanitarian organization, LDS Charities. Eubank acknowledged that some believers succumb to the pressures of modern life and they get weighed down by exhaustion, grief, obligations, or sorrow. They feel unworthy and unaccepted and soon shunt themselves out of traditional society.

Most of the changes made to the Church’s programs are focused on home. President Nelson said the Church hopes that the house of every member will transform into a sanctuary of true faith where the Lord may live. He reiterated that despite the contention which now ails the world, the faithful’s own home could turn out to be a heavenly place. The house can be an area where study, faith, and prayer could merge with love. The Church itself is facilitating such action by reducing its Sunday worship duration from the previous three hours to the new two to permit families to enjoy their time at home. The Church also unveiled a new gospel study curriculum to be followed at home.


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