Houses of Worship: A Dream of Faith, Thailand’s White Temple—Wat Rong Khun

Thailand is home to the second largest population of Buddhists in the world, with some 64 millions Buddhists and 41,000 temples. Buddhism came to

Faith and Interfaith by Hilary Canto

What do we mean by the term faith? We usually mean faith as belief or religion, but we have faith in each other, faith

Religious News From Around the Web March 30, 2020

Hopeful Coronavirus News, Online Passover and Baptisms, Medical Masks Discovered in Crypt, Patron Saint of Epidemic Resistance, 12 Beautiful Jain Temples, Muslim and Jewish

Pakistan Will Restore and Return 400 Hindu Temples

Pakistan Will Restore and Return 400 Hindu Temples

Two temples will be restored every year. The Imran Khan led Pakistani administration has decided to reopen Hindu temples in the predominantly Muslim country.

LDS President Pleads for All to Know the Savior's Church

LDS President Pleads for All to Know God Because “Time is Running Out”

Eight New Temples were announced at the 189th Annual General Conference. Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints changed gears after

Bali Crackdown on Disrespectful Tourist

Bali Cracks Down on Disrespectful Tourists

New rules for visiting temples have been put into place. The Deputy Governor of Bali, Oka Artha Sukawati, popularly known by the short name

Video Captures Mormon Temple Statue Struck by Lightning

Video: Moroni statue struck by lightning atop Utah LDS Temple. The harsh windstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning that happened over the weekend in

Australian Evangelists Are Praying for America’s Future

Australians have begun praying for the survival of the United States during its "spiritual battle." Millions of Americans will be observing the National Day

3D Printed Buddha Statue

Buddhist Temples Use 3D Printed Statues to Reduce Theft of Priceless Originals

The 3D printed replicas are a result of using technology to protect precious statues important to Buddhism. In the recent light of several thefts

Three Weeks of Judaism

Understanding the Three Weeks of Judaism

The Three Weeks of Judaism is considered a time of danger and tragedy for the Jews. Similar with all other religions, the Jews also