Benjamin Creme

Maitreya the World Teacher, the “Second Coming,” is on His Way, Evangelist Benjamin Creme Claims

Benjamin Creme

Benjamin creme claims  “second coming” will be Maitreya and is to be as same as Christ, the Imam Mahdi, Krishna and the Messiah.

Maitreya is known as the fifth Buddha in Buddhism, but Benjamin Creme of Share International claims that Maitreya is the same as the Christ, the Imam Mahdi, Krishna and the Messiah. He and his organization spread the message that the “second coming” prophesied by many religions will come in the form of Maitreya the World Teacher.

Creme, a Scottish-born 92-year-old international evangelist, founder of the Share International organization and chief editor of the monthly Share International magazine, claims that Maitreya the World Teacher is the teacher all religions point towards and hope for.

According to Creme, Maitreya has lived first among the Asian community and then elsewhere in London since 1977, arriving there from his ancient Himalayan retreat, and “gradually emerging into full public recognition.” Creme has called Maitreya “Avatar of the Aquarian Age,” adding that he has come with a group of wise men, “the Masters of Wisdom,” who have secretly, in a positive way, influenced humanity as inspirers, guides and teachers for thousands of years.

Share International portrays Maitreya as a savior of humanity.

He is to appear in front of the whole world on an upcoming “Day of Declaration,” and his thoughts and call for humanity for “justice, sharing, right relationships and peace” will take place telepathically. At the same time his energy “will flow out in tremendous potency through the hearts of all humanity,” the organization writes on its website. Maitreya’s message can be shortened to a few words: “Share and save the world.”

In 1982 Creme placed advertisements in newspapers around the world saying “The Christ is now here.” He claimed in the ads that the Second Coming of Christ would occur on Monday, 21 June 1982. The accuracy of Creme’s claims is obviously under dispute, but it was back then he announced that Maitreya was living in London.

Creme has published 14 books that have been translated to several languages. For over 30 years he has given lectures around the world. Share International is based on a global network of volunteers that spread the message out to the public.


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