Bill Nye Answers Whether the Creation Vs. Evolution Debate Can Ever Be Settled

Bill Nye answers whether science and religion could ever be compatible. Bill Nye has taken on the political right before when talking about climate

Evolution In Classroom

West Virginia Father Sues Officials Claiming Evolution is a Religion

Kenneth Smith is suing education officials because he feels that learning about the theory of evolution violates his daughter's First Amendment rights. A West

Uniting Science and Religion to Improve Global Health

Can the unlikely duo of science and religion come together to improve global health? Tensions between science and religion are common within the world,

Ben Carson

Ben Carson Uses Religion to Separate Science from Propaganda

Presidential hopeful Ben Carson claims he uses religion to distinguish science from propaganda. The Sunday morning political talk shows have once again produced a gem from

Charles Townes Laser

Charles Townes, one of the inventors of the laser, has died

Charles H. Townes, famous for his contributions to science and technology with his invention of the predecessor to the Laser, has passed away. Until his

Evolution And Pope Francis

Big Bang Theory Agrees with the Bible Says Pope Francis

Pope Francis endorsed scientific findings like the Big Bang Theory and Evolution. He claims that they are compatible with the Bible and the Catholic