Teen Created and Injected DNA Translated from the Bible and Quran

Teen Created and Injected Himself with DNA Translated from the Bible and Quran

Locatelli followed the rAAV method to write the genetic code. Adrien Locatelli, a high school student in France, has bioengineered DNA which derives its

New Study On Science and Religion Called into Doubt

The Templeton Foundation Fund Impartially Questioned There has been continued tension between science and religion. Elaine Howard Ecklund and Christopher P. Scheitle wrote a

Celebrating International Religious Freedom Day

October 27 is International Religious Freedom Day. The Religious Freedom Act—the passage of which we celebrate today—established the office of the United States Ambassador-at-Large

Scientologists protest violation of their right to religious freedom in Hungary

This week Scientology churches in Hungary were raided. via European Interreligious Forum for Religious Freedom Wednesday in Budapest, several hundreds of Scientologists gathered peacefully

SRESYouGov Evolution

72% of Atheists Polled Believe Someone Who is Religious Would Not Accept Evolutionary Science

Science and religion are not in conflict according to religious people The Birmingham based Newman University commissioned YouGov poll discovered that 72 percent of

science beating religion in britain and canada

Science is Beating Religion in Britain and Canada

Survey Shows Vast Decrease in Belief in Creationsim A survey conducted by the Centre of Science, Knowledge and Belief in Society, working out of

French Court Orders Schools to Re-instate Non-Lunch Alternatives for Jewish and Muslim Students

French Judge Orders Non-Pork Lunches for Muslim and Jewish Students

Ruling was not driven by any religious motivation. On Monday 28th, 2017, a French judge reversed the decision to scrape non-pork lunches for Muslim

Philosopher Who Legitimized Theism in Academic Philosophy Named Templeton Prize Laureate

Professor Alvin Plantinga awarded 2017 Templeton Prize for his philosophy work. Alvin Plantinga, who worked at the Calvin College between 1963 and 1982, and

FFRF Protesting Unconstitutional $1.1mil NASA Grant

A strong protest has been lodged by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) against what it sees as a misguided one million dollar NASA

David Aden Religious Freedom Day

On Thomas Jefferson’s Legacy and Religious Freedom Day

A Scientologist reflects on the importance of the freedom of religion and belief, its historic roots, and the responsibility of the individual to exercise