Satanist Approves Removal of Oklahoma Ten Commandments Monument

The lawsuit against the Ten Commandments monument is supported by the Satanic Temple as it makes equal ground for the Satanists, Christians and other

The Devil Went Down to… Detroit? Satanic Temple Statue Unveiled

After receiving bomb threats, The Satanic Temple was finally able to unveil their statue of Baphomet in Detroit. In literature, Baphomet is often depicted

The Satanic Temple Challenges Conservative Christianity’s Influence in Government, Women’s Rights and Public Schools

In an interview with the New York Times, The Satanic Temple's two founders discuss the religion's origins and recent accomplishments toward reducing Christian privilege

Abortion Cross

Missouri Satanic Temple member: “Abortion laws violate my religion”

A Satanic Temple member said the state's abortion laws, including a 5-day waiting period, are a burden to religious beliefs. According to the Washington

The Satanic Temple Continues To Battle For Equal Treatment In Florida

After last year's holiday display was rejected, the Satanic Temple has recruited legal help for this year's effort. It is the holiday season once

Satanic Temple Raises Question: Can Satanism be Atheism?

Jex Blackmore (The Satanic Temple) and Cindy Fleming (Temples of Satan) There is a rising controversy among two of the least likely beliefs to cause