The Satanic Temple Starts After School Program

The Satanic Temple's After School Satan will challenge the myths and irrational doctrines Christian groups "pump" into children. In a radical step to combat

Satanic Invocation in Florida Disrupted by Christians

Christians interrupt Satanic invocation with the Lord's Prayer at Pensacola, Florida city council meeting. Traditionally, the City Council of Pensacola begins its meeting with

Will Florida City Council Allow Satanic Invocation?

Pensacola, FL City Council may eliminate invocations to prevent Satanic prayer. According to a press release confirmation by Don Kraher, the Pensacola City Council

Scottsdale Denies Satanic Temple Invocation Again

Scottsdale's city council has canceled the previously rescheduled Satanic Temple prayer. After being scheduled to deliver the opening invocation for the Scottsdale, Arizona city

The Satanic Temple is Helping Protect Children from Abuse

The Satanic Temple campaign fights for First Amendment protection to students who have been victims of mental or physical abuse by school staff. Of

Pizzeria Congratulates Satanists While Councilman Calls Them Terrorists

Pizzeria Congratulates Satanists While Councilman Calls Them Terrorists

The Satanic Temple is finding unusual allies and enemies in different parts of Arizona. Sal DiCiccio, a Councilman from Phoenix City, has claimed that

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Satanic Temple Performs Its First Public Ceremony at Michigan State Capitol

The Satanic Temple held it's first state-sanctioned ceremony. The Michigan State Capitol has been the venue of numerous controversies because organizations and religious groups

Lisa Ling satanist

CNN’s ‘This is Life with Lisa Ling’ Examines Satanism

The Satanist Next Door: Insights of Religious Tolerance and Equality Sunday night, CNN’s documentary show Life with Lisa Ling featured Satanism, focusing on the

Comparing The Satanic Temple's Tenets to the Bible's Ten Commandments

Comparing The Satanic Temple’s Tenets to the Bible’s Ten Commandments

The seven tenets of Satan are much more sensible than the Ten Commandments There are many who loathe the Satanic faith and believe that

Football Coach Put On Leave After Satanists Plan Invocation at Tonight’s Game

The school district put the praying coach on leave ahead of an invocation to be delivered tonight by Satanists. Assistant Coach Joe Kennedy of