Buddhist Temple

Russia Sets the Stage for Religious Diversity with New Buddhist Temple

Moscow's first Buddhist temple, symbolizing Russia’s religious diversity and promoting friendly inter-confessional and inter-ethnic relations, will be built in Russia's capital by 2017. A

Scientology Religion Symbol

European Court on Human Rights Wins Religious Freedom Case for Russian Scientologists

The denial of a Russian Church of Scientology's registration has been deemed a violation of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and

Russia Vs Ukraine Eastern Orthodox Church

How The Russia Ukraine War Is Being Fought by Churches

The Russia Ukraine conflict is being fought not only by soldiers and civilians but also by divided churches. The Russian occupation of Ukraine has

Muslim Boy Reading The Qu'ran

Russian Cleric Expresses Outrage Over the Banning of Qur’an Translation

A district court in Russia has made a ruling that has caused an outcry among the Muslim population in Russia, a decision that will