Oh No! It's The End of The World...Again.

Oh No! Jim Bakker Says It’s The End of The World…Again

Jim Bakker says that Billy Graham's death signifies the beginning of end times Televangelist Jim Bakker said the passing of Billy Graham is a

Rabbi Michael Shevack War or Warned

‘War or Warned,’ by Rabbi Michael Shevack

Rabbi Michael Shevack asks: Will the good and noble religions of the world stand up? This is a call, not quite desperate yet, but

Tomb of Jesus date

New Discovery Has Dated Jesus’ Tomb At 345 C.E.

Dating techniques proved it to be a third century structure. Chemical tests of mortar discovered in a limestone cave dates the Tomb of Jesus

Vatican & Rome’s Jewish Community Team Up for First Art Exhibit Together

Rome's Jewish community and the Vatican join forces for art exhibition. Rome's Jewish community and the Vatican Museums will be holding a joint art

Frontrunner to be Next Pope Warns of 'Islamic Conquest of Europe'

Frontrunner to be Next Pope Warns of ‘Islamic Conquest of Europe’

Muslims want 'Islamic conquest of Europe,' says Cardinal Schonborn. 333 years ago, on September 11-12 of 1683, allied forces consisting of the Habsburg Monarchy,

Jews Mourn Temple Destruction for Three Weeks Staring July 23

Jews abstain from almost all kinds of celebrations and personal pleasures during The Three Weeks. For three weeks starting on July 23, 2016, Jews

religion influence halloween

The Truth About How Religions Have Influenced Halloween

It's not a trick! We have a treat for you. The story behind the Halloween holiday. Halloween has a lengthy history as it spread