Oh No! It's The End of The World...Again.

Oh No! Jim Bakker Says It’s The End of The World…Again

Jim Bakker
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Jim Bakker says that Billy Graham’s death signifies the beginning of end times

Televangelist Jim Bakker said the passing of Billy Graham is a sign from above, which marks the start of the end times.[/tweetit]

Oh No! Jim Bakker Says It’s The End of The World…Again[/tweetthis]

End Times have begun, according to Jim Bakker

On his show, titled, The Jim Bakker Show, he went on to say he mourns the loss of the world-famous pastor, as it symbolizes the death of an era. He added that several prophets told him Billy Graham’s death is the signal for significant change.

Billy Graham, America’s Pastor, Dies at 99, But His Influence Continues
Franklin and Billy Graham in 1994. PAUL WALSH is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Bakker related the death of Graham with Methuselah, whose death symbolized that a flood will come. Similarly, as Billy Graham died, it has important significance, especially with prophecy.

Bakker said, “I believe with all my heart that the death of Billy Graham was going to signal…the beginning of the Judgment Days. The Last Days are coming.”

Jim Bakker’s dark past

When it came into light that Jim Bakker offered his rape victim a Non-Disclosure Agreement, he was sent to prison. The bribe given by Bakker was through the funds he embezzled from his ministry.

The ministry is running a compound for the end times followers, located near Branson, Missouri. He also said that God was the one who provided him with the vision to act as a fear monger and sell products for survival while he was spending time in prison.

Bakker has told his followers about several dates for end times, which have never come true. According to Bakker, April 19 and 20 are important dates. He explained why these dates are important with William Koenig. As Koenig is the author of two books, it gives him the authority to make the predictions for end times.

Koenig explains the reasons behind the dates for End Times

Koenig said that these dates were the times when Hitler was born. He also stated that it marked the beginning of the Roman Empire. As a result of this, something catastrophic is bound to happen during these dates. As Israel celebrates their 70th anniversary in April, Iran may choose to attack the United States, Europe, or Israel.

Jim Bakker’s shopping network for survival

Bakker is running a shopping network for survival, which sells products 24/7. He is also selling a grocery store for $3,000 which comes with his approval. Joe Jervis overheard Bakker telling that the cost of running the network is a staggering $17,000 an hour.


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