President Obama Signs Bill Specifically Granting Atheists Protection Against Persecution

The Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act will not only protect the rights of the religious, but of the non-religious too and prevent

Scientology Cements Its Legitimacy as a Religion and Defends ‘Freedom of Religion’ on New Site

Scientology Cements Its Legitimacy as a Religion and Defends ‘Freedom of Religion’ on New Site includes a “Scientology 101” primer for Scientology’s background, beliefs, studies, recognitions, theological validation from religious and religion law scholars and clergy, an interactive

China’s President Warns Against Religious Infiltration

The Chinese government is worried about overseas infiltration via religious means. The Constitution of China promises “freedom of religious belief” to its citizens. However,

Joseph Preville Morocco

Jonathan Wyrtzen on ‘Making Morocco: Colonial Intervention and the Politics of Identity’

Making Morocco is a look into Morocco’s struggles of national identity in its colonial past. Written by Joseph Preville and Julie Poucher Harbin for

Clinton Now Terms ISIS Killings as Genocide

No Longer Uncertain: Clinton says ISIS Killings are Genocide Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate of the United States said that the violence perpetrated

Pakistan’s Startling New Reveal On ISIS Attacks Against Christians

Pakistan's military has announced ISIS is about to stage wave of terrorist attacks against Christians. The Pakistani government through its armed forces announced that

Baha’i Faith: President Rouhani has failed to stop religious discrimination

Bahai's are expressing their disappointment over President Rouhani's failure to address religious discrimination during his speech at the UN. NEW YORK – The Baha’i

Sikh Student ROTC

Sikh Student Wins Court Case to Wear Turban, Keep Beard and Be In ROTC

Sikh Student Wins Court Case to remain in ROTC with Sikh religious symbols intact. Last year, Iknoor Singh applied to be a part of

Report on Religious Freedom

International Religious Freedom Report Has Dark Findings

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom releases grim study on the state of religious freedom around the world. A recent report by US

Australian Muslims seek greater religious protections

In Western culture, it’s difficult to believe religious discrimination is still legal in industrialized countries. Yet in Australia, Muslims contend they are facing discrimination