Religious News From Around the Web March 30, 2020

Hopeful Coronavirus News, Online Passover and Baptisms, Medical Masks Discovered in Crypt, Patron Saint of Epidemic Resistance, 12 Beautiful Jain Temples, Muslim and Jewish

New Graphic Novel for Passover: Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel

New Graphic Novel for Passover: The Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel

The graphic novel allows readers to discover the Passover holiday in a fun and exciting new way. Passover has a new graphic novel which

Iceland Finally Getting Chabad House and Resident Rabbi

Iceland Finally Getting Chabad House and Resident Rabbi

Feldman is all set to be the island's first permanent rabbi. Avi Feldman, all of 27 years old, and a Brooklyn, New York born

BBC Beefs Up Religious Programming

This will be done for both TV and radio content The venerable BBC is fattening up its religious coverage[/tweetit]. The corporation has upgraded the

ADL’s Holocaust Lesson for Sean Spicer; Melissa McCarthy Mocks Him on SNL

Spicer said Hitler "didn't use chemical weapons" and brought Jews to "Holocaust centers." The White House press secretary stunned reporters claiming Nazi dictator Adolf

Christians Team Up With Jews to Rebuild Detroit Synagogue

Detroit synagogue to get a new lease of life. A Detroit church that once existed as a historic synagogue will likely serve as a

Donald Trump Absent from White House Passover Seder

The White House Passover seder tradition was started by former President Barack Obama. President Trump was officially scheduled to host the White House Passover

Evangelicals are Now Celebrating Jewish Passover

For some Christians celebrating Passover, it is a rediscovery of their faith Although Christianity traces its origins in Judaism, the two faiths have traditionally

How Religions Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Origins of the spring equinox and its religious meanings. The word “equinox” traces its root from Latin, and it means “equal night.” Equinox is

Matzo Crackers are Getting a Makeover: The Matzo Project

Break the niche religious food barrier with The Matzo Project. Matzo is a kind of food that people unwillingly eat as a part of