ADL’s Holocaust Lesson for Sean Spicer; Melissa McCarthy Mocks Him on SNL

VOA via Wikimedia Commons
VOA via Wikimedia Commons
Spicer said Hitler “didn’t use chemical weapons” and brought Jews to “Holocaust centers.”

The White House press secretary stunned reporters claiming Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons[/tweetit] during World War II. Press secretary Sean Spicer said Hitler did not employ the gas on German citizens in the same manner that Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria is inflicting on the Syrian people. Incidentally, the Nazi leader killed millions of Jews, many of them Germans.

ADL’s Holocaust Lesson for Sean Spicer; Melissa McCarthy Mocks Him on SNL[/tweetthis]

The timing of the statement was such that prominent anti-Semitic activists were unaware of it much later. It was the start of Passover and most of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) staff had their televisions and phones off. They only came to know the news on the night of April 12. Spicer, by then, in his press briefing, said President Assad's actions were much worse than what Hitler has done. The White House spokesman said Hitler took the Jews to “Holocaust centers.”

Spicer has apologized since then. He admitted he mistakenly made an insensitive and inappropriate reference to the Holocaust, and there can be no comparison between the two. The remark was made to elucidate why a U.S. military response was required to combat the actions of President Assad when he used chemical weapons on his own people.

Spicer has tendered his apology since then. The ADL wrote in a letter addressed to Spicer on April 13, that it is now time for the spokesman to refresh his history. Educating people about the Holocaust is one of the primary activities of the ADL. The organization works in tandem with Google and Facebook and helps law enforcement to crack the whip on modern day hate groups. This organization has taught a number of classes on Hitler's murderous campaign of exterminating six million Jews and also millions of LGBT individuals. The Nazis also slaughtered socialists, Poles and several other minority ethnic groups. More than 35,000 teachers and 130,000 law enforcement officials have subscribed to the courses. The ADL said it will be happy to impart knowledge to Spicer and other White House staff at their convenience. It said this knowledge would help him from repeating such mistakes in future.

The White House gaffes brought out Melissa McCarthy's finest scenes in Saturday Night Live (SNL). She made fun of the fact that Spicer played the Easter bunny during the President Bush years. She mocked his use of the phrase “Holocaust centers” and also made up a new one, “concentration clubs.”

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