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“All you need is a small pocket of people”—Following Airport Protest, NYC Braces For New Year’s Eve

Since the Hamas terrorist attacks of October 7, there have been 483 anti-Israel protests in New York City, involving 161,000 people. On the morning

Israel, we stand with you

Snow and Antisemitic Bus Boycott Fail to Thwart Solidarity Rally for Israel in Canada

Thousands of Canadian Jews converged at the site of that nation’s seat of government—Parliament Hill in Ottawa—on December 4, undeterred by a foot of

Isreali and Palestinian flags at pro-Palestinian protest

Study: College Campuses Were Far Safer for Jewish Students Pre-October 7

Jewish college students feel less safe on campus now than they did prior to the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel by a large

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India’s Ban on Pro-Palestinian Protests Sparks Concern in Muslim-Majority Kashmir

As the number of civilian casualties in Gaza rises, Palestinian protests have been prohibited in Kashmir, the sole Muslim-majority state in India, where an

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Slain Palestinian American Boy’s Mother Calls for Peaceful Prayers

A Palestinian American woman who lost her six-year-old son in what law enforcement authorities have categorized as a hate crime in a suburban area

Is the Israel-Palestine war deepening U.S. inter-ethnic hate? Creator: Ted Eytan

Harassment of Jewish and Muslim Americans Continues After Hamas Attacks

Muslim and Jewish advocacy organizations report a significant surge in incidents of harassment, discrimination and physical assaults targeting their respective communities since the October

Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations

Chaplains Support Students Amid Campus Tensions During Israel-Hamas Conflict

As the war between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas persists, tensions and security issues are extending to American university campuses, posing challenges


U.S. State Department Report Explores Global Efforts in the Fight Against Antisemitism

Ten days before Palestinian militants attacked Israel on October 7, threatening a Middle East conflict all but certain to further stoke anti-Jewish sentiment, the

Rabbi Michael Shevack - Israel

Law for Peace: Beyond Palestinian and Israeli Land Claims

The idea hit me as I was driving, through the border from Germany to France: Germany, a separate state? France, a separate state? So,

Fifth Hate Crime in Palestine in a Month

Fifth Hate Crime in Palestine in a Month

Vehicles vandalized in Palestinian village An investigation into a hate crime which targeted a Palestinian village in the central West Bank was opened by