BBC Beefs Up Religious Programming

This will be done for both TV and radio content The venerable BBC is fattening up its religious coverage[/tweetit]. The corporation has upgraded the

Views on Transgenders are Divided Due to Religion

Religious Nones carry the most liberal views on gender identity. An analysis by the Pew Research Center found the American public to be clearly

US belief in God isn't needed for morality

More Americans Say Belief in God Is Not Necessary for Morality

White Americans who believe in God are a minority now. 56 percent of Americans think God has nothing to do with being a moral

Row of empty pews

Christian America is on the Decline

Muslims and Mormons constitute the youngest faith demographic A report published by Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) says that white Christians have become a

In Scotland, 58% of People are Religious ‘Nones’

The number of 'nones' have increased noticeably in the recent years 58 percent of the Scottish population put 'none' as their religious affiliation[/tweetit] when

Only 26% of Americans are Not Christian

Religion is losing its footing in the United States Gallup's ongoing research on religion shows that the influence of religion in the U.S. society

Parents Fear Religion Will Ruin Their Children's Social Lives

Parents Fear Religion Will Ruin Their Children’s Social Lives

Research shows UK parents fear passing on their religion to their children will "alienate" them in school. The number of “religious nones’ is on

Interfaith Families: Study Say Mothers Are More Influential Than Fathers

Interfaith Families: Study Say Mothers Are More Influential Than Fathers

One-in-Five Americans are from Interfaith families The number of Americans who are raised in interfaith households is on the rise according to new research.

New Book Explores the Non-Religious Search for Meaning, Purpose and Belonging

Author Katherine Ozment’s Grace without God  is an exploration of secular America. "Nothing." That was the answer Katherine Ozment gave her eight-year-old son when

Tim Kaine Might Be Popular with Religious ‘Nones’

The Jesuit spirituality of Tim Kaine could be for the 'nones' There is the growing group that the recent Pew Research Center's Religious Landscape