Views on Transgenders are Divided Due to Religion


Religious Nones carry the most liberal views on gender identity.

An analysis by the Pew Research Center found the American public to be clearly divided along religious lines whether it can be possible for any person to be a gender different from the one assigned at birth.

Views on Transgenders are Divided Due to Religion[/tweetthis]

About 63 percent of Christians believe gender at birth determines the gender of an individual. The borderline does not exist when it comes to religious 'nones.' Among them, 62 percent think the gender of a person may not necessarily be the one they were assigned at birth. The religious ‘nones’ in the survey consists of agnostics or atheists. The 'nothing in particular' demographic is also included under this label. It is apparent that the residents of the United States were also sharply defined along partisan lines when it comes to this specific subject.

Religions divided on transgender people
Pew Research Center
Differences due to religion are also valid when it comes acceptance of society of transgender people. A substantial section, about 61 percent, of white evangelical Protestants hold the opinion that society has too much accepted transgender people. Polls conducted by Pew Research Center during the summer months of 2016 discovered 70 percent of white evangelical Protestants say transgender people should use the public restrooms that are in consonance with the person's birth gender.

White evangelical Protestants are the most probable to toe the traditional line of gender being determined at birth. About 84 percent believe in birth being the determining factor. In contrast, about 59 percent of black Protestants and 55 percent of white mainline Protestants share the same views. The question has divided Catholics. About 51 percent said birth sex determines a person's gender. The opposing view of gender being independent of birth is being held by 46 percent.

The research done on the other Christian groups led to the discovery that there is an even distribution of opinions among them. When it came to the religious 'nones,' about 57 percent said society should do more when it comes to accepting the transgender population. The religious 'nones’ (70 percent) also said individuals who believe themselves to be transgender should be permitted to use the public restrooms as per their present gender identity.

The new survey discovered that about 34 percent of Christians said they are personally acquainted with a transgender person. This has been uttered by 25 percent of the white evangelicals and 41 percent of white mainline Protestants and black Protestants. About 43 percent of the religious ‘nones’ said this.


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