Elton John’s Battle Against Christianity

Elton John’s Battle Against Christianity

Singer Has Been Outspoken Due to Personal Tragedy Sir Elton John shocked the world with the announcement of his final tour before his retirement.

Haim Hanukkah song

Haim Rocks Hanukkah Anthem

"Sandler we're coming for you." According to a Pew Reasearch Center survey, 9 in 10 Americans celebrate Christmas. Christmas songs can be heard on

Christian Rapper NF Has #1 Album

Christian Rapper NF Has #1 Album in America

New album Perception is at the top of Billboard charts. Know the rapper NF? If not, that will change quickly. The Michigan Christian rapper’s

30 Seconds To Mars Performing Live

Does the 30 Seconds to Mars Song “Walk on Water” have any Religious Symbolism?

New 30 Seconds to Mars song is being linked to Christianity. The band 30 Seconds to Mars has recently released a new single called

Ghost "He Is"

The Band Ghost Releases Their Religion-Filled Video For “He Is”

Ghost lead singer plays a preacher with shock value. Ghost has released the song "He Is" complete with a video.[/tweetit] A clip shows Papa

This Buddhist Nun’s Music Gives You Spiritual Freedom

Ani Choying Drolma is emphatic that her music is not simply for entertainment. Ani Choying Drolma, the Buddhist nun rock star from Nepal insists

New Hip Hop Single by Muslim Activists Calls Out Hypocrites

Mona Haydar's song attacks the difference between piety and patriarchy by Muslim males. https://youtu.be/idMJIEFH_ns Syrian-American Mona Haydar's new track “Dog” is filmed partially in

“The First Nidana” is a New Christmas Song for Buddhists

The popular Christmas song "The First Noel" has been reworked using Buddhist lyrics. "The First Nidana," is a poetic rendition of the casual links

In the Hospital, Sharon Jones Sang Popular Gospel Hymns Before her Death

In memory of Sharon Jones' love for her faith, here's a brief insight into the singer's religious life. Sharon Jones will be remembered for

Justin Bieber Sings Christian Worship Song at Paris Concert

Justin Bieber Sings Christian Worship Song at Paris Concert

Justin Bieber is increasingly in the news for his displays of Christian devotion. Justin Bieber has not just been on the news for being