30 Seconds To Mars Performing Live

Does the 30 Seconds to Mars Song “Walk on Water” have any Religious Symbolism?

30 Seconds To Mars Performing Live
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New 30 Seconds to Mars song is being linked to Christianity.

The band 30 Seconds to Mars has recently released a new single called “Walk on Water.” Many of the band’s songs make references to beliefs, religion, and the supernatural. However, this particular song is thought by many to have some religious baiting towards religion.

Does the 30 Seconds to Mars Song “Walk on Water” have any Religious Symbolism?[/tweetthis]

The title of the song immediately brings to mind Jesus Christ’s miraculous act of walking on water. This occurrence in history is iconic to Christians, as it is a symbol of great faith in God’s power. As you analyze the lyrics to the song as well as the corresponding videos in the background, you get a slight hang of the storyline.

In some of the videos mashed up in the background, you will see flashing images of July 4, 2017 events. They include President Donald Trump giving a campaign rally speech, people waving the USA flag, others protesting and holding up a “resist” sign, soldiers marching with firearms, people performing superb acts that involve taking risks, boxing sessions and fireworks.

There could be different interpretations to this music video. Some of the lyrics are, “Listen up hear the Patriot shout, times are changing. In the end the choice was clear. Take a shot in the face of fear, fist up in the firing line.” These lyrics could be interpreted as a spiritual, religious fight against evil or Americans fighting against bad governance and ruling, especially in this time of political unrest in the USA.

Jared Leto, lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, has been spreading peace messages to people inflicted by the ongoing worldwide turmoil. He says “Walk on Water” is meant to be motivation to the people. They want people to believe they can make a change in the world, asking them in the lyrics, “Do you believe that you can win this fight tonight?” Leto admits getting style inspiration from Jesus.

If there is any religious aspect in the lyrics of the song, it is only to ask people to seek strong faith in their capabilities, just as Jesus did when he walked on water.


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