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WRN News from Around the Web: Pope Meets with Monk, RFRA Cuts Both Ways, “Mormon” not Appropriate, Conversion Therapy Ban, Chick-Fil-A Now in Trouble with Right, Dispensaries as Religions?

Pope Meets With Buddhist Monk Pope Francis met with the Supreme Buddhist Patriarch Somdej Phra Maha Muneewong of Thailand late last month, on a

Image of a Ghostly Hooded Monk Captured in the Ruins of Tintern Abbey

The 19-year-old only saw the "phantom monk" in the picture after returning home. At 19, Rosie Boulton is an avid ghost and paranormal enthusiast,

Fake Buddhist Monks Are Scamming Tourists

Aggressive panhandlers are posing as monks in major cities. How do you find a fake Buddhist monk, one might ask? Look for aggressive panhandlers

Buddhist Monk Mummified and Covered In Gold

Beloved Buddhist Monk Fu Hou was enshrined in gold and placed near the temple to be worshipped. A Chinese monk who breathed his last

250,000 Dollar Car Is the Focus of Investigation on Buddhist Monk

90-year-old monk Thai Monk Somdet Chuang being investigated over vintage Mercedes-Benz. A classic 1953 Mercedes-Benz has become the focus point in a political battle

Christina Figueres Credits Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh for Inspiring Climate Change Talks

Figueres says the teachings of Zen Master helped in Paris Climate Change negotiations A Buddhist monk and his counsel played an instrumental role in

6 Types of Unique Religious Garments Explained

Six Religions that have distinguishing dress codes and the symbolism behind them. It is quite difficult to identify an individual’s faith based on appearance


Shri Chitrabhanuji describes core concepts of Jain dharma in Forbes interview

Prominent Jain Master Shri Chitrabhanuji was interviewed by Michael Tobias in 2012 for Forbes Magazine. In the interview, Chitrabhanuji speaks about human nature, simplicity,

Rapping Buddhist Nuns

These Rapping Buddhist Nuns Stun the World With Their Hip Hop Prayers

This is not your typical Buddhist nun. When you picture Buddhist prayers, what comes to most people's minds is something very sedate, and very