Image of a Ghostly Hooded Monk Captured in the Ruins of Tintern Abbey

By TuK Bassler [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons
By TuK Bassler [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons
The 19-year-old only saw the “phantom monk” in the picture after returning home.

At 19, Rosie Boulton is an avid ghost and paranormal enthusiast, so much so that she would drive around every week with her friends, visiting several places which are apparently haunted. So, she was obviously spooked out and excited at the same time when she discovered that her recent trip to the abandoned Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire, Wales was wildly successful.

Image of a Ghostly Hooded Monk Captured in the Ruins of Tintern Abbey[/tweetthis]

The teenage urban explorer was with her friends at the 12th century abbey in the middle of the night, and while they were there, didn’t find or see anything unusual. However, the group felt like there was someone coming towards them, so they left the place in a hurry. Before leaving, they did manage to snap a few pictures. After Rosie got home, she went through the pictures and found a ghostly hooded monk[/tweetit] standing in front of the ruin. At the time of taking the picture, Rosie claims she didn’t see this apparition. Being a firm believer in the paranormal, she was extremely excited and immediately called her friends to share the news.

Rosie also says that she cannot wait to visit the haunted ruin again, as exploring places where paranormal activities allegedly happen gives her an adrenaline rush. Especially if the place is dark, she says it gives off an “eerie vibe.”

Ghost Stories
Tintern Abbey is known to be a site of hauntings and many have claimed to see ghostly monks who died in 1348 from the Black Death, and other paranormal entities. Some say that a line of monks holding torches and standing in the halls is a frequent sighting.

This particular monk that appeared in Rosie’s picture though, according to Tintern’s local legend, was a monk who sold out King Edward II to his enemies while he was hiding in this abbey during the 1300s. Richard Holland, author of South Wales Ghost Stories, has also written about the hauntings in Tintern Abbey, where he claims that the ghostly monk has been seen walking from the main entrance of the ruin towards the site of the church.

With this sighting, Rosie’ interest in the paranormal is getting deeper and she said it has made her want to visit more haunted sites and eerie ruins such as an abandoned church.


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