Hungarian PM Calls for Worldwide Alliance Migration

Hungarian PM Calls for Worldwide Alliance Against Migration

Says Christianity is Europe's Last Hope Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, gave up all semblance of political correctness when he said during

Vatican warns US Catholic of alliance of hate

Vatican Warns US Catholics About Alliance of ‘Hate’ with Evangelicals

Vatican proposes inclusiveness, the US Catholics do not U.S. Catholic conservatives are being warned by the Vatican about their alliance of "hate" forged with

Catholic-Majority Puerto Rico Celebrates 100 Years of U.S. Citizenship

Some key information on Puerto Ricans in anticipation of their 100th year of citizenship. As Puerto Rico enters its 100th year of American citizenship,

Bernie Sanders’ Religion and Religious Beliefs

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders opens up about his religion and views on faith. Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders became prominent because of his socialist

Influential Pope Francis Hopes To Reduce Violence In Mexico

Pope Francis intends to address the violence and migration issues in Mexico during his trip next year. On Nov 1, a Mexican Cardinal officially