Hungarian PM Calls for Worldwide Alliance Migration

Hungarian PM Calls for Worldwide Alliance Against Migration

Hungarian PM Calls for Worldwide Alliance Migration
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Says Christianity is Europe’s Last Hope

Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, gave up all semblance of political correctness when he said during his State of the Nation speech that Christianity is the last hope of Europe[/tweetit]. He went on to warn other European countries have opened the way leading to the decline of Eurocentric Christian culture. These nations, which according to the conservative PM, have helped to advance Islam by opening their borders to migrants fleeing from Muslim countries. He claimed that Islam would soon rush into Central Europe from both its western and southern borders.

Hungarian PM Calls for Worldwide Alliance Against Migration[/tweetthis]

Hungary is set to go to the hustings, with Orban seeking a third unbroken term. The elections are scheduled to be held in April. He has asked for a worldwide alliance against migration. He made his right-wing claims as his populist Fidesz party started to campaign for the April 8 election. Seasoned Hungary watchers say that the Prime Minister will retain his post. Orban is a popular figure in Hungary. However, his views are not in sync with the majority of European Union politicians. This does not bother the PM, with his repeated clashes against the Brussels command earning him political brownie points at home.

Orban has fought with other EU politicians primarily over migration. Migrants from Africa and the Middle East have migrated en-masse into Europe from 2015. The Hungarian PM has been posturing as the savior of the Christian nations of Europe as elections approach.

When it comes to Hungarians, Orban is known to be a leader who revived the country's economy. He is also credited with the tight handling of Hungary's public finances. The result ended nicely, with the country's debt returning to investment grade status. The country's debt was downgraded to ‘junk’ at the time of 2008 era worldwide economic crisis.

The Hungarian PM has stridently warned that his government will fiercely oppose any efforts by EU or the UN to increase the possibility of migration all over the world. He has stood his ground against the so-called globalist influences which he believes want to take control of Hungarian politics. One of the Hungarian PM's pet hates is George Soros, accusing the latter of having anti-nationalist views Orban attended Oxford University thanks to a Soros scholarship. The Hungarian expat also provided funds for the then-nascent Orban's political organization. The would-be PM founded Alliance for Young Democrats.


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