Atheist Sworn as the New Prime Minister of Spain

Atheist Sworn in with “Conscience and Honor” as New Prime Minister of Spain

Pedro Sanchez's Socialist party wrested power from the Conservatives Mariano Rajoy, the outgoing Spanish Prime Minister, was succeeded by Pedro Sanchez[/tweetit] on June 2.

Hungarian PM Calls for Worldwide Alliance Migration

Hungarian PM Calls for Worldwide Alliance Against Migration

Says Christianity is Europe's Last Hope Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, gave up all semblance of political correctness when he said during

Iceland’s New Law Accused Of Assaulting Religious Freedom

Iceland’s New Law Accused Of Assaulting Religious Freedom

New Proposed Law Would Ban Circumcision Religious leaders from a variety of faiths have attacked Iceland for proposing a law that they argue would

Trump is Trying To Start a Religious War

Trump Is Trying To Create Religious Conflict

The Decision To Officially Name Jerusalem the Capital of Israel is Designed to Create Muslim Violence President Trump has a problem. A central tenet

Rohingya fleeing

New Flood of Rohingya Muslims Fleeing Ethnic Cleansing

Rohingya refugees are crossing over to Bangladesh. Rohingya Muslims in the thousands crossed over from Myanmar to Bangladesh[/tweetit] on October 9. They were fleeing

EU Headscarf Ban in the Workplace is Facing Backlash

EU grants workplaces the ability to ban the headscarf as a religious symbol. The European Union made a historic ruling that companies in Europe

Dutch Court Convicts Politician Geert Wilders for Inciting Discrimination

Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders has been found guilty of hate speech. Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician known for his anti-Islamic stance, was convicted

How Does Religion Affect the Brexit Vote?

Uncontrolled entry of immigrants is influencing the vote. The Brexit referendum is the abbreviation of two words “British Exit”. It is meshed with two