Getting To Know the Hindu Festival Krishna Janmashtami

Celebrating the Hindu god Krishna’s birthday with praying, singing, fasting, lavish food, temple decorating and games. The Hindu festival Krishna Janmashtami or simply Janmashtami

Benjamin Creme

Maitreya the World Teacher, the “Second Coming,” is on His Way, Evangelist Benjamin Creme Claims

Benjamin creme claims  "second coming" will be Maitreya and is to be as same as Christ, the Imam Mahdi, Krishna and the Messiah. Maitreya

Religious Discrimination Pakistan India

Religious Discrimination Claims Are on the Rise Recently

Religious discrimination is rapidly on the rise and the world is seeing some of the worst cases to date, specifically in India and Pakistan.

Hari Krishna Exports

Hare Krishna Exports Denies Job Candidate for Being Muslim

Hare Krishna Exports sent job candidate Zeshan Ali Khan an email denying him a position citing his Muslim faith as a reason why he

St. Francis Xavier

Catholic Pilgrims Adopt Hindu Practices Visiting This Saint

Catholic pilgrims have picked up a few tips from Hindu Varkari traditions while visiting Saint Francis Xavier who brought the faith to India centuries

Shrine of Bab 2014

Today, Baha’is celebrate the Birth of Baha’u’llah

On November 12, 1817, Mirza Husayn ‘Ali was born. He would go on to found the world's youngest monotheistic faith, Baha’i. Today, every November 12, His

Sharad Navratri

Hindus Will Celebrate Sharad Navratri for the Next Nine Days

photo: flickr The celebration of the goddess Durga, Sharad Navratri is a nine-day festival in the Hindu faith. This holiday's rich traditions and history

Andrew Keegan Full Circle Religion

90s Actor Andrew Keegan Starts A New Religion [Video]

Andrew Keegan, '90's teen idol famous for his role in 10 Things I Hate About You, has started his own religion and now fashions

Vatican Museums Display Replica of Temple to This Hindu God

Collections of Vatican Museums reportedly include a portable temple of Hindu God Vishnu. This colorful 18th century Vishnu temple reportedly folds and unfolds revealing many