Celebrities and Nonprofits are Joining Forces to Help the Bahamas Recover

Flying in to Grand Bahama Island with his jet loaded with emergency supplies and a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers, John Travolta is the

John Travolta

Scientology Church Support Credited by John Travolta

John Travolta says the Church of Scientology never left his family’s side. Long-time Scientologist John Travolta gives credit to the Church of Scientology for

John Travolta

Actor John Travolta on GMA: “Scientology has saved my life several times”

On today's 'Good Morning America' show actor John Travolta, while promoting his latest film, 'The Forger' and asked why Scientology has become such a

John Travolta

Scientology Reveal: 7 celebrities reveal why they are Scientologists

7 famous people reveal why they are Scientologists In the midst of the high profile media visibility that Scientology has been getting lately post

John Travolta Going Clear

John Travolta Opens Up on “Beautiful” Experience with Scientology, Will Not Watch ‘Going Clear’

Actor John Travolta gave an interview about his life as a Scientologist and calls out "disgruntled" former Scientologists in Going Clear. Going Clear: Scientology

John Travolta Thanks Scientology

John Travolta: How Scientology Helped Him Cope With His Son’s Death

John Travolta is just one of several major film stars that embraces the power of Scientology. In a recent interview, Travolta shared how his