Global Call to Bring an End to Online Terrorism

Global Leaders Initiate Call to Bring an End to Online Terrorism

Video screenshot NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Arden and French President Emmanuel Macron to hold a meeting in Paris on May 15 Following the recent

Pope Francis Says Mary was the World's First 'Influencer' of God

Pope Francis Says Mary was the World’s First ‘Influencer’ of God

Attendees of the World Youth Day lunch were surprised at the pope's informality. Pope Francis tried to be cool to the new generation of

China Restricting Religious Internet Activity

China is Restricting Religious Internet Activity

President Xi Jinping consolidates power The Chinese Communist Party, an officially atheist outfit, has issued new rules linked to online religious activities.[/tweetit] These rules

The Vatican Believes Demons Make You Watch Porn

The Vatican Thinks Demons Might be Making You Watch Porn

ANANT NATH SHARMA is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Meet the Black Muslim Woman Running For Congress

Amatul-Wadud wants to represent working families and underserved voices. Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, a Springfield attorney, decided to compete for Congress as she felt hopeless with

Will Watching Military Videos Stop Christian's Porn Addiction?

Can Watching Military Videos Stop A Christian’s Porn Addiction?

'Conquer Series' Uses Disputed Science and a Unique Approach Do you use internet porn too much? Are you a Christian man? Big fan of

How Net Neutrality Being Revoked Will Hurt Religion

How The Elimination of Net Neutrality Will Hurt Religion

Diverse Religious Leaders Have United in Defending Regulations Today the FCC voted to eliminate Net Neutrality. This carries huge implications for religious speech. In

Amish Embracing Use of Technology at Work, But Vow to Keep It Out of Their Homes

The community is savvier than assumed when it comes to harnessing the many technological benefits It is common for outsiders to assume that the

The Unique Trends Being Embraced During Ramadan 2017

Trends for Ramadan 2017 Ramadan is celebrated during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and Muslims worldwide fast (Sawm) as a way of

Mark Zuckerberg Visits Pope Francis and Gives Him a Drone

Mark Zuckerberg Visits Pope Francis and Gives Him a Drone

Pope met with Mark Zuckerberg to encourage a 'culture of encounter.' Far from making solemn appointments with bishops, cardinals and leaders from other religions,