Vatican Asks Buddhists and Catholics to Work Together for Global Peace

Vatican calls on Catholics and Buddhists to promote peace On May 10, the Buddhist community will be celebrating a religious festival known as the

peace march

Religions in Thailand Send Powerful Message of Peace

Holy leaders pay respects to the Paris victims at the French Embassy in Thailand. Thailand's five biggest religious groups clustered in front of French

Coexister Attempts to Break Down Religious Stereotypes in French Classrooms

The youth group advocates for inter-religious dialog in secular schools to help prevent and remedy religious misunderstandings and prejudice. Because of the recent terrorist

Bosnian Muslim Family Honored to Carve Chair for Pope Francis for His Upcoming Visit

For Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina, a local Muslim family specializing in the trade of carving and woodcraft was awarded the honor to

Why do religious differences disturb us so much?

Instead of focusing on differences in religion being a problem, we should focus on us. Why does difference, especially of religion, disturb us so