G20 Religion Forum (R20) Indonesia 2022

Inaugural G20 Religion Forum Promotes Solidarity and Respect in The Emerald of the Equator

Thailand, 1997: A financial crisis starts which is deemed local to the country, but soon the same is seen in countries throughout Southeast Asia

Indonesia Continues To Punish Atheists With Jail Or Death

Indonesia Continues To Punish Atheists With Jail Or Death

The Country’s Conservative Muslims Threaten Growing Community Of Non-Believers Indonesian atheists lead a secret life. In public, they do everything a devout Muslim does.

Indonesia Family Love Alliance

Indonesia, a Muslim-Majority Country, Blocks Petition to Criminalize Gay Sex

The petition was filed by the conservative Family Love Alliance The Constitutional Court of Indonesia rejected a petition by Family Love Alliance, a conservative group,

Indigenous Tribe in Indonesia is Forced to Convert to Islam While Their Home is Destroyed

The tribespeople have observed that the Indonesian Government pays more attention to its Muslim citizens. A number of Indonesian tribespeople have started to believe

Indonesia religious freedom

Indonesian Law Requiring Citizens to Identify with 1 of 6 Religions is Overturned

Citizens can now list their own faith; no longer limited to six religion choices on ID cards. In a historic feat, Indonesia has recently

Hindus Praying at Bali Volcano About to Erupt

Mt. Agung has a history of eruptions Hindus in Bali have conducted multiple ceremonies at Mount Agung. They hope that the ceremonies will prevent

The Latest Company Being Boycotted: Starbucks

Malaysian Muslims are boycotting Starbucks over their pro-LGBT views. Hardline conservative Muslim groups in Indonesia and Malaysia urge their countrymen to boycott Starbucks[/tweetit] after

Jakarta’s Governor Ahok Imprisoned for Blasphemy

Jakarta governor Ahok is found guilty of blasphemy in court. The Chinese-origin Christian governor of Jakarta has been sentenced to two years in prison

Muslims Sharply Divided Over Qur’an’s Influence on Laws

Should the Quran influence laws in Muslim countries? A survey by the Pew Research Center has revealed that there are prominent fissures in the

Scientology-Sponsored Criminon Shows Progress in the Indonesian War on Drugs

Scientology-Sponsored Criminon Shows Progress in the Indonesian War on Drugs

Al Jazeera show says Scientology's Criminon program is having a positive impact on Indonesian inmates. Criminon, a secular drug rehabilitation program based on the