Hindus Praying at Bali Volcano About to Erupt

Curtis Foreman [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Curtis Foreman [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Mt. Agung has a history of eruptions

Hindus in Bali have conducted multiple ceremonies at Mount Agung. They hope that the ceremonies will prevent the volcano to erupt. Muslims in the immediate region have joined in. Adherents of both religions are united in prayer to spare the island from a deadly natural disaster. The list of worshipers includes the Governor of Bali. The worshipers made offerings on October 12 at a temple located within a zone declared closed to the public by officials charged with disaster control.

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Bali is the only dominant Hindu province within Muslim majority Indonesia. The Southeastern nation is the most populous Muslim nation in the world. The threat of volcano eruption has led over 140,000 people to leave the area for other parts of the state. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the spokesperson of Disaster Mitigation Agency, said that the volcanic tremors indicating rising magma, continue to remain at peak levels. The whole region continues to be in a state of high alert.

The Agung region is located in Karangasem regency of Bali. It is located 75 kilometers distant from Kuta, the popular tourist hub. Besakih, the 'Mother Temple' located on the Agung slopes, are within the red zone. This zone is located from nine to 12 kilometers from the crater. The Governor of Bali said that those who want to take part in Purnama Kapat ceremony will move forward with their plans as long as the volcano doesn’t erupt prior to Thursday. This event marks the year's fourth full moon on the Hindu calendar followed by the local Balinese Hindus.

The ceremony, which is done only during the full moon period, has witnessed people praying for safety. They requested the Gods to decrease the volcanic activity so that life continues as normal. The Indonesian Hindu Religious Council or PDHI in Bali province, has made an appeal to all Hindus to pray for the island's residents, wherever they are located, during the full moon. They can pray alone or also in groups.

For the Balinese Hindus, Mount Agung holds a special position in their belief system. They regard the mountain as sacred. The city of Denpasar witnessed an interfaith prayer. It has about 5,000 attendees. Those engaged in prayer come from all the local religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christians, and Buddhists as well. Mount Agung has a prior history of erupting. Lava last flowed out in 1963. The lava flow missed Besakih by a whisker. The devout saw this near miss as a final proof of the holiness of the temple.


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