Church of England Bishops Will Not Change Stance on Gay Marriage

Church of England's opposition to gay marriage still stands. A report written by the House of Bishops has stated the Church of England must

See What it’s Like Being Muslim and Gay

Photographers take portraits to share the stories of gay muslims. Lia Darjes is neither gay nor Muslim. She had to persuade many gay Muslims

Samantha Bee’s Searing Response to the Orlando Shooting: Praying Isn’t Going to Fix This

"We pray after each mass shooting and yet they keep happening. Maybe we’re not praying right." -Full Frontal's Samantha Bee The Orlando massacre that

Desmond Tutu’s Daughter Leaves Ministry For Refusal to Recognize Her Same-Sex Marriage

Tutu's daughter forced out of South African clergy for same-sex marriage. Archbishop Desmond Tutu has long been one of the biggest figures in Christianity

Richard Dawkins Mocks News Outlets on Twitter

Richard Dawkins Twitter Slam: Media is wrong to say terrorist attacks have "nothing to do with religion." He may be the world’s foremost disbeliever

Bernie Sanders Captures Hearts with Anti-Racism Statements

Sanders may have made some gains in the Presidential race with anti-racism statement and a hug. Bernie Sanders, who hopes to land the Democratic

Religion Is Not an Excuse for Gay Discrimination or Homophobia

John Oliver was on roll with his satirical rant about those who hide behind religion to excuse their discrimination of the LGBT. In one